The App Replaces Buttons and Display

Energy Laser has developed an app for power setting (mW) and time on L500 PRO, L800 PRO and L2000 PRO. The app is designed to meet the practitioners needs for treatment of any injury or condition. The app replaces buttons on the laser, which over time is malfunctioned and broken. The app also allows the simple, ergonomic and user-friendly design of the laser.

Adjusting a Therapeutic Laser Has Never Been Easier

Download (Google Play) and Open the Energy Laser app on your favorite device (Android). Turn on and off the laser (L500 PRO, L800 PRO and L2000 PRO) twice by turning the laser towards the battery and away from the battery. Now the green indicator light is on standby which indicates that the laser is in standby-mode. The app will now search for lasers nearby. Once the laser is found, you now have the option to set the power (mW), processing time and sound (on/off).

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