ENERGY-LASER™ L2000 PRO (Bluetooth)

Handheld LLLT/PBM laser equipped with 4 x 500 mW = tot. 2000 mW – 808 nm. A Powerful and efficient all-round laser for the Professional. The laser uses scatter optics which make it indeed suitable for pain and injury treatment as well as for veterinary use. Programming and controlling the laser with reagard to time, power and guide sound settings is done simply and easily via the built-in Bluetooth feature in the laser and the app (android). The laser wavelength of 808 nm ensures an effective depth of impact in skin and tissues of approx. 3-4 cm.

Why Choose The ENERGY-LASER™ L2000 PRO (Bluetooth)

The ENERGY-LASER™ L2000 PRO (Bluetooth) is a handheld laser with a laser power CW of 4 x 500 mW = tot. 2000 mW and a wavelength of 808 nm which lies in the invisible spectrum (infrared/IR).

The ENERGY-LASER™ L2000 PRO (Bluetooth) is currently the “Flagship” product of Energy Laser. For those practitioners who need to work fast and cover a large treatment area in less, and demand efficient and deep laser penetration the multiheaded laser output lenses (Scattered optics) of the ENERGY-LASER™ L2000 PRO (Bluetooth) make it the ideal choice for Human and Veterinary therapy. It is a laser for all professionals who have a high workload and those who need to get the job done quickly, and yet achieve effective results from the start.

The ENERGY-LASER™ L2000 PRO (Bluetooth) is an ergonomically and intuitively designed laser without buttons and diplay that break over time. Turning the power on / off is simply done by turning the battery on and off. Programming and controlling the laser with time, power and guide sound setting is performed easily via the built-in Bluetooth feature of the laser and associated app. With the ENERGY-LASER™ L2000 PRO (Bluetooth) you get a compact and ergonomic laser with ample power and wide spread of light to treat all types of tissue damage that benefits from therapeutic laser treatment.

Therapy laser treatment

Protection aluminum suitcase includes

  • ENERGY-LASERL2000 PRO (Bluetooth)
  • 1 pc. Li-Ion POWER battery
  • 1 pc. Li-Ion charger
  • 1 pc. protective goggles
  • Quick guide and user manual
Class 3B laser treatment | Laser acupuncture treatment for treatment of pain and wounds in humans and animals

LLLT laser treatment class 3B

Laser treatments LLLT class 3b laser offers many benefits. Laser treats surface-to-skin or in depths down to 3 to 4 centimeters in the treatment area. The laser works with light which treats with light pulses that affect the cells and blood circulation. Treatment with laser of hamstring (Muscle injury)

laser Acupuncture treatment of pain and wounds in humans and animals. Wound healing with laser

Patented class 3B laser for humans and animals

This laser LLLT L2000 Pro treats in width and depth and is our most powerful laser. The laser is equipped with 4 x 500 mw laser which gives a total effect of 2000 mw. The laser is used by professional therapists for people or animals. Laser treatment of upper back (Joint pain)

Sports laser for injury treatment, pain healing with laser LLLT 3 B class

3b class laser for treatment of pain and wounds

Our patented laser is most commonly used in the professional world for animal or human therapists. The laser is used as wound healing and acupuncture and, among other things, increases the blood flow in the area, thereby increasing the healing process. Class 3B laser treatment of a Horse (Edema)


  • Laser effect CW max. 4 x 500 mW = total 2000 mW
  • Wavelenght 808 nm (invisble/IR)
  • Laser class 3B


  • Muscles
  • Tendons
  • Joints
  • Scar tissue

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