Energy Laser at the 12th International Congress of the World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT)

At  3-6 October 2018, Energy Laser attended the 12th International Congress of the World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT) in Nice located on the beautiful Cote de Azur in Europea, as sponsor and exhibitor.

The Congress was a great success with a scientific program and presenters of very high quality.

The scientific program included sessions and workshops including laser safety, veterinary, dental, physiotherapy, supportive care in oncology, acupuncture, stem cells, metabolic and immune disorders, ophthalmology, neurorehabilitation, anti-aging and cosmetics, and more. In all the various sessions, presentations focused on mechanisms of action, clinical trials, safety, dose-response relationships, and state of the art protocols.

WALT as world leading in the field

Walt was formed in 1994 in Barcelona, Spain at the joint Congress of the international Laser Therapy Association (ILTA) and the International Society for Laser Application in Medicine (ISLAM). When these two international groups merged, WALT became the leading world body for promoting research, education and clinical applications in the field of phototherapy with lasers and other light sources.

Evidence-based clinical application of laser therapy

The aims of the Association include the promotion of evidence-based clinical application of laser therapy in the field of medical practice, dentistry, veterinary medicine and by allied health professions; encouragement of research into the clinical application of phototherapy in accordance with internationally accepted standards of best practice; promotion of laboratory-based research into mechanisms of PBM; encouragement of education, international cooperation and a forum for information exchange and the establishment of an international reference body for accreditation of standards in research and education in laser therapy across all disciplines.