The Smallest Therapy Laser
in The World!

Low Level Laser Treatment is a medically proven technology and the future within pain and wounds treatment. Energy Laser takes pride in our slogan:
“Less Pain, More Game”.

Laser Light Stimulates Tissue Repair and Speeds Up The Body´s Natural Healing Processes

Laser light also reduce inflammation, and encourages nerve regeneration that often results in a reduction of local pain within a few days after initial treatment. (Patients should always be made aware that laser therapy often increases local inflammation ´post op´as a reaction to PBM and this is perfectly natural and will settle down 2 or 3 days post treatment).

ENERGY-LASER™ will prove an invaluable addition to all Clinicians who will quickly discover the versatility of ENERGY-LASER™ Therapy as a treatment modality for various ailments that afflict humans, pets and livestock.

Laser treatment arthristis and bloodflow
Cold laser treatment | Blood flow increas with Energy laser

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)/Photobiomodulation (PBM) – An Approved Medical Treatment Modality

For many Clinicians throughout the world LLLT/PBM is their preferred initial therapy choice.

This decision is supported by the positive results mentioned in more than 6,000 peer reviewed, scientific articles and many other clinical papers throughout the world proving that… LLLT/PBM Works!







Pain therapists




Sports Massage Therapists


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