Leading LLLT/PBM Laser Technology In the smallest instrument ever A handheld LLLT/PBM laser from Energy Laser is designed and developed
to be easy to use, ergonomic, effective and reliable,
and it is included the highest standard of service.
Small, Simple and Easy-To-Use
Handheld LLLT/PBM Laser for
Personal Use
When self-treatment has to be easy Laser therapy is used for faster healing of
various injuries and relief of pain conditions,
from wounds to muscle and tendon injuries
as well as chronic joint diseases.
Revolutionary Handheld LLLT/PBM Laser
With Unique Design and Function
Laser therapy for wounds and pain It can be used for physiotherapy, chiropractic,
sports injury treatment, foot treatment,
dental treatment, veterinary treatment,
acupuncture, reflexology
and much more...

The Smallest Therapy Laser in The World!

Laser light also reduce inflammation, and encourages nerve regeneration that often results in a reduction of local pain within a few days after initial treatment. (Patients should always be made aware that laser therapy often increases local inflammation ´post op´as a reaction to PBM and this is perfectly natural and will settle down 2 or 3 days post treatment).

ENERGY-LASER™ will prove an invaluable addition to all Clinicians who will quickly discover the versatility of ENERGY-LASER™ Therapy as a treatment modality for various ailments that afflict humans, pets and livestock.